...where Slavonian forest meets water...

The fishing ponds in the vicinty of Našice are internationally acclaimed, and a true pearl of fish farming in the Slavonian plain. It is a place from where fish reaches numerous fish markets and restaurants, and numerous homes.
Built on the Count’s land, in 1905., the fish farms and ponds are alive and produce top-class fish for over 100 years.
For true lovers of good and quality freshwater fish, for those who are just daring to taste the true fish specialties of the Slavonian climate, there is no better recommendation than tasting the fish from the natural farming of the Našički ribnjaci. Clear, clean and top quality!


The pond was built in 1905. on the banks of the river, covering surface of 1444 square acres. In 1907. three more ponds were built, totaling 9 ponds. Only five years later, three more ponds were made, and until 1964 that number was up to 23 fishponds.
The fishing ponds were made on the Pejačević family estate. Immediately next to theirs, a pond farm was built by the Osijek entrepreneur and banker Šandor Sorger. As it is assumed, so they wouldn’t be hit by the confiscation and agrarian reform of the monarchy of Yugoslavia, in 1921 families Pejačević and Šorger joined the farming ponds to Našičko ribnjačarstvo d.d.
It should be known that the Pejačević family had begun digging the canals at the end of the 19th century, probably on the suggestion of Franz Krezmutzer, in the conditions where there was no organized fish production in Slavonia, but the peasants and monks rebuilt the rivers and streams. Increased knowledge of fish breeding, as well as the experience of Hungarian entrepreneurs, stimulated investments and construction of carp fish farms. The forest areas were bought in 1905. by Šandor Sorger. His ponds were not too big, nor were the same depths, but with a special ponds for mashing and feeding, they were more advanced than Pejačević’s. Following numerous changes since then, and through changes in political and economic conditions, the farming complex is now under the leadership of Miagro d.o.o.


  • carp
  • catfish
  • perch
  • pike
  • grass carp